E. Jay M. Apaga


Professional bartender and photographer in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area using the ideas of hospitality and service to bridge the gap between both professions.

I shoot photos like I tend bar, with speed and accuracy. I enjoy the stress of a lively event that requires an ability to see and read the crowd as quickly as possible to capture the moment. Years of tending bar and managing restaurants helped develop an eye and ear at events that gets me in the right place at the right time to take an amazing photo.

I try to shoot wide open and compose classically. I love both b/w and color photos as I concentrate on the light to speak towards the mood. And I enjoy getting to know my clients so I can reflect them in the best light that I possibly can.

Always taking inquiries for weddings, engagements, events, birthdays, commercial shoots, product/food photography, real estate photography, corporate head shots and Tinder profile shoots 🙂

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E. Jay M. Apaga
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